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We’re the nation’s leading expert when it comes to buying houses from families whose seniors moving in to long-term care communities. These sellers are different than almost any other lead you could have as a real estate investor. 

Not only do they want to sell their home, they need to sell it and typically, as quickly as possible.  For these families, Mom now has needs that require around the clock care. They have to find the perfect facility to entrust with her life and figure out how to pay for it.

This lead source is never-ending, recession proof, and has less competition. Mom’s House will completely change your real estate investment business.

We are limiting the of number certified investors in each market based on experience, deal capacity and population. This program is not for newbies. We are looking for the best and most trusted real estate investors in each U.S. market.

What Certified Mom's House Buyers Are Saying:

"This education teaches you the "how" and actually gives you the building blocks and steps to take action the second that you're back at your office"

Garrett Miles
Resolve Home Buyers

"The last two days have been so amazing. It's gonna produce so many leads, so much money in continuous, ongoing flow for years and it's also the segment of the market where we can help these families."

Ryan Whitney
Watts Group Real Estate

"Now I have a better understanding of how to speak with the families, people that work with the senior living communities and it will absolutely give me an opportunity to do more deals."

Lisa Weston
Winvest Home Builders

"We learned how to be the first ones to get those deals, a lot of practical stuff and we're very excited to go back and implement it."

Danny Obannon
High Way Investments

"We've been buying houses for 15 years and I know how how important buying houses from elderly is, but it's not till the last couple of days that I recognized how much I've been missing out.

And frankly, it's gonna be a lot more fun cause we're helping people."

Eric Lundberg
Winvest Home Builders

"Mom's House really helped me to take perspective of the opportunities to serve and it answered a lot of questions that I know I'm gonna be able to implement in my business."

Kellie Wagner
Resolve Home Buyers

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The reality is that we have an aging population and the need for pre-probate specialists is on the rise.  Our desire is to provide our communities with the most experienced real estate investors with impeccable integrity to ensure they get the best during an already challenging time.

If you are are a qualified, trustworthy investor looking for a never-ending lead source that also provides a much-needed service to those at a vulnerable time in their life, you are our kind of people.  Click the button below and apply. 

We are limiting the of number certified investors in each market based on experience, deal capacity and population.  

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