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Dear Future Senior Transition Specialist,

Seeking a streamlined and efficient approach to accelerate your Real Estate deals and make a positive impact on more families? Look no further!

Even with the imminent Silver Tsunami, the significant transfer of assets from the boomer generation, you shouldn't have to start from scratch. Consider the following challenges you may face:

ūüĎČ Building referral relationships without a clear roadmap.
ūüĎČ Generating leads entirely on your own.
ūüĎČ Establishing trust with both referral partners and sellers.
ūüĎČ Constructing a robust marketing and follow-up system.
ūüĎČ Crafting effective scripts and prospecting methods.

And so many other things…

What if there was a way to avoid the challenges and disappointments you may encounter by trying to figure it all out on your own?

Imagine working alongside our team of experienced Advanced Senior Transition Specialist Experts and utilizing our fully prepared tools to consistently secure deals.

With our solution, you can accelerate your referral partnerships, tap into our nationwide lead resources, and benefit from a comprehensive system that brings everything together.

This allows you to focus on what truly matters - being in the "house buying business" - instead of getting caught up in the complexities of marketing.

That’s exactly why we created our new Accelerator Program.

It was specifically designed to maximize your chances of success.

We are committed to equipping you with the essential components: vision, tools, systems, and a supportive community, enabling you to swiftly establish your STS Real Estate Business.

In fact, we are so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we offer a remarkable guarantee: if you don't generate at least $20,000 within your first year, we will refund your entire tuition. 

Why do we make such a bold offer? 

It's simple: if you don't succeed in helping families, we haven't fulfilled our mission. 

We understand the pressing need for competent real estate professionals who empathize with the challenges facing many Americans in the next two decades.

Our ultimate goal is for you to have a profitable, automated, and fulfilling real estate business by the end of our program. 

We want to spare you the pain and difficulties that often come with starting out on your own.

If you are ready to learn more…

Then click here and fill out the form to book a FREE Accelerator Call with our team.

With our Accelerator program, you'll gain the confidence to make this your main source of deals and income, and we'll support you every step of the way to ensure your success.

However, it's important to understand that this opportunity is not for everyone. It requires a commitment of at least 5 hours per week and a genuine willingness to prioritize empathy.

All It Takes Is
5 Hours To Freedom

By dedicating just 5 hours to this program, you are investing in your own freedom. 

These hours will lay the foundation for a lifetime of opportunities and financial independence.
As you gain knowledge, develop skills, and apply the proven strategies taught in the program, you will find yourself well on your way to creating a lasting impact not only on your own life but also on the lives of those in your community. 

Just 5 hours a week can set you on a path towards building a successful and fulfilling real estate business where the leads chase you!

Once you choose a time, we'll promptly send you a confirmation reminder via email and text, ensuring you don't miss our scheduled call.

Before our call, watch the videos on the following page. This will allow you to grasp a comprehensive understanding of how we can collaborate to build and scale your business effectively.

The truth is, this wave of opportunity is right at your doorstep, eagerly awaiting action takers like yourself. If you hesitate and fail to seize this moment, rest assured that you'll be left purchasing houses from those who took the leap before you.

Leverage our extensive 12+ years of experience to accelerate the growth of your dream business. Join us on our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of more families.

If you're truly ready to commit and take this opportunity seriously, then go ahead and book a FREE call below.

Wishing you every success,

The Mom's House Team

This offer is available for a limited-time only

What You Will Get:

Step-By-Step Advanced Curriculum

Embark on our 8-week intensive training program designed to elevate your knowledge and skills as a successful Senior Transition Specialist. This program is the result of over a decade of experience, aimed at fast-tracking your first deal and building a highly profitable and fulfilling business.

 Market Mastery & 20isPlenty Builder

The key to this business is to understand your market and to have an accurate list of referral partners. Our expert team will assist you in refining and building your personal list to ensure its effectiveness.

 Done-For-You Marketing Follow Up System

Follow-up is vital for every business, and your success hinges on your ability to nurture sellers and referral partners effectively. We provide you with a proven system to nurture your sellers and referral partners, helping you secure more appointments and meaningful one-on-one meetings.

 Done-For-You Website Lead Capture

Having a dedicated website is vital for explaining your services and attracting potential partners. We will set up a specialized website tailored to the Senior Transition Specialist strategy, allowing you to capture leads and convert them into profitable deals.

 Done-For-You Scripts

Crafting a compelling first impression is paramount in this business, and it has taken us years of experience to develop the perfect set of words. You only have one opportunity to clearly communicate your intentions and value proposition. We provide you with tested frameworks to establish relationships in the senior living industry and to close more deals when engaging with families.

 Vision, Systems, People Action Plan

While it may seem simple, many business owners overlook this crucial step. By gaining absolute clarity on your vision, implementing the right systems to support that vision, and assembling the right team to aid you on your journey, you will have a solid blueprint for building the business you truly desire. We work with you to align your personal vision with your business vision, enabling you to create a clear and strategic plan for the future.

Done-For-You Content Templates

Consistent online posting can be a challenge, especially when you're new to a particular niche. This element is crucial for nurturing relationships, so we provide you with ready-to-use content templates that clearly communicate who you help and why referral partners or sellers should choose to work with you. Establishing your unique differentiator as an STS is essential to stand out from the competition.

Complete Branding Audit & Strategy

We understand that deciding between starting a new brand or utilizing your existing one can be daunting. Our team of marketing specialists will offer personalized recommendations and develop brand strategies to help you make an informed decision.

Done-For-You Community Presentation

Boost your referrals by delivering impactful presentations at senior communities. We provide you with an exact presentation that has generated numerous referrals for our students over the years.

Limited-Time Bonuses:

 Up To 20 Leads Included Per Month 

We understand the value of hands-on experience and exposure in assisting families during challenging times, as it leads to more referrals and the ability to help more families. As part of our program, we provide up to 20 preprobate, probate, and reengage leads per month, allowing you to build your pipeline and gain valuable opportunities.

3+ Group Coaching Classes/Week

Our program offers three or more group coaching calls every week, led by some of the industry's top coaches. These sessions will guide you through your deals, providing step-by-step support to refine your skills and address any questions you may have.

 Accountability Coach & Scorecard

We are invested in your success because our mission is to help more families. To ensure you can build your dream business, we provide an accountability program that includes a dedicated coach and a scorecard. This program will keep you on track by ensuring you take the right actions and follow the correct plan.

 In-Person Implementation Event Ticket

Take your implementation of this strategy to the next level, join us in St. Louis for an immersive in-person summit. This event will help you clarify your vision, sharpen your skills, and provide valuable networking opportunities. In case attending in person isn't feasible, we offer a virtual ticket to ensure you don't miss out.

 Exclusive Access To Our RealTime Lead Referrals

Nationwide, our company diligently gathers the best leads in the industry, granting you direct access to acquire our highly sought-after "RealTime Leads." These leads, sourced through our trusted referral partners, prioritize the utmost importance of assisting families, ensuring you receive unparalleled quality and reliability.

 Clients-Only Skool Community

Connect and network with highly successful investors in our private and exclusive Skool community. Engage with fellow students who have successfully implemented the STS Strategy for years, completing deals worth six figures and beyond.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you meet our qualifications, we offer a risk-free guarantee. We guarantee that you will generate a minimum of $20,000 in your real estate business within the next 12 months or less, or you pay absolutely nothing.

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